The Hellenic Choirs Association is a cultural non-profit organization, unifying in a second level the cultural organizations of Greece that maintain in their activities choral groups, or are involved in the choral art, activity and research.

The Hellenic Choirs Association represents more than 70 cultural entities in Greece, with more than 120 choral groups and over 2500 singers.

Important celebrities of the Greek music world (composers, arrangers, musicologists, choral conductors, teachers, interpreters) are active members of the above organizations, contributing drastically, through their knowledge and experience, to the development of choral art in Greece.

The Purpose of the Hellenic Choirs Association, among others, contains:

  • Development of choral singing and choral education and aesthetic
  • Cooperation, research, innovation and proposals enlarging the artistic expression possibilities of the choirs
  • Encourage of and support to new choral groups
  • Support to old and new choral conductors
  • Promotion in Greece and abroad of the activities of Greek Choirs
  • Organization and operation of Choral Library supporting its Members
An album with 2 cds from the performance "Tragoudontas tin Anixi tis Lefterias"
Diary - Fest dates of 2005
CD "Melodic Christmas"
Choirs members of the Hellenic Choirs Association sing Christmas songs and carols.